Soup Jars for Adoption

There is a wonderful family (the Morris family) Erika Kjendal has connections with through her Orthodox online school that hosted three siblings from an orphanage in Ukraine over the summer. Loving the children, and knowing that the institution they were in leads them on to a life of addiction, prostitution, or suicide, they wanted to take them into their house for good and adopt the three children and their little brother. Unfortunately, though, the process of adoption is very expensive and not everyone has fifty thousand dollars tucked away for such a purpose! To offer some help, although Erika will only be able to create a small dent in the expense, she has put together some soupmixes-in-a-jar. There are four varieties: Italian Barley, Split Pea, Coconut Curry, and Five Bean. All of them are completely Lenten and have clear instructions on the label. (It’s simple; all you need to do is pour the soup mix into a pot with some water and possibly another ingredient.) Each jar is $10 or five jars for $45, and all proceeds go to this family trying to adopt! Please consider buying one (or two or five!). It would be a nice gift to drop off on the doorstep of a lonely neighbor. They make about 4-6 servings each. They are all being displayed at church; but if you are trying not to leave the house, we are offering free delivery for orders of five jars or more, otherwise, the delivery fee is $1 a jar. To buy and/or schedule a delivery please email Erika at If you would like to offer the Morris family additional support, you can visit their gofundme page here. Thank you for your support; it is appreciated more than you could imagine, and you are helping to make a huge impact on the lives of four amazing children of God.